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At our core, we believe that a high-caliber education in music excellence shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone—no matter where they're at.

We offer a range of online learning opportunities, from our Arts Enrichment programs that offer a deep dive on a range of music topics, to eCCC, a virtual choral alternative.

These options parallel our school and after-school programs and empower singers to further engage in dialogue about the historical and social context of music while they study musicianship across artistic traditions and connect with young people across the city—and globe.

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Virtual Choir


In order to make the most accessible experience possible, eCCC, a virtual choral alternative, allows singers to engage in dialogue about the historical and social context of music, study musicianship across artistic traditions, and connect with young people across the city—and globe—breaking down barriers of race, religion, and socioeconomics. Virtual song projects will be incorporated into programming, and singers will have the opportunity to transfer into in-person programming at designated times throughout the year.

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Arts Enrichment Sessions

Arts Enrichment Sessions offer students an opportunity to connect and explore a wide range of topics including global musical traditions, choreography, musicianship, and theory.

Arts Enrichment Sessions are available to singers everywhere, in addition to those enrolled in other CCC after-school programs. This unparalleled holistic music education experience facilitates connection between singers across the country, as well as with artists and culture bearers from around the world.

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Arts Enrichment Showcases

During the 2020-21 program year, Chicago Children’s Choir offered more than 15 topic-based classes, from K-Pop and beatboxing to gospel essentials and jazz improv. Take a look back on the lessons learned and the connections formed during these 8-week courses.

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“I have been stunned at how much my kid has anticipated choir during the pandemic. I could not envision how anyone could make choir a great online "class." But [the conductor] really made it fun for the kids—despite not being in person. If only every "classroom" could have operated that way.”

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