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Collaborations & Performance Highlights

As a cornerstone of our commitment to artistic excellence, Chicago Children’s Choir has performed with renowned artists, composers, and institutions, from Yo Yo Ma and Chance the Rapper to Ravinia Music Festival and Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

These unparalleled performances infuse our instruction with a level of exposure and expression that prepares our students to play a leading role on the global stage. The experiences make an indelible impression on singers, instilling in them the belief that they can truly achieve anything and that opportunities for their success are abundant.

The highlights below offer a look at just some of the incredible opportunities afforded to Chicago youth through CCC’s one-of-a-kind programming.

“Together” with Peter CottonTale

“It takes a village to live on this spinning rock we call home.” In this unique collaboration with Peter CottonTale originally composed for Google’s annual Year In Search video, Chicago Children’s Choir provides a powerful foundation for CottonTale’s message of hope through adversity. Speaking to the Choir’s core belief in the transformative power of music as a unifying force, this piece (ultimately adapted into a music video featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for Inauguration Day 2021 alongside Chance the Rapper, Cynthia Erivo, and Kofi Lost) memorializes the challenges of 2020 while reminding listeners that we can overcome any obstacle when we push forward collectively.

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Peter Cotton Tale
Natalie Bergman

Natalie Bergman “Talk to the Lord”

This original composition by Natalie Bergman from her album Mercy captures the uplifting spirit that has guided the Choir’s ethos of tenacity, perseverance, and integrity for more than six decades. The ethereal video—which debuted on’s “Positive Vibes Only” series—was filmed at Metro, the iconic venue founded by CCC board member Joe Shanahan.

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Ted Hearnes

Place - Ted Hearne

This Grammy-nominated composition by CCC alumnus and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Ted Hearne features CCC President Josephine Lee with alumni Ayanna Woods, Isaiah Robinson, and Sophia Byrd in a compelling rumination on the impact of gentrification. Premiering at Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2018, the collection of moving pieces features selections that were ultimately incorporated into CCC’s album Unsettlement Anthems (2020), a project made possible by the Raising Voices artistic initiatives fund.

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Article: "Why Composer and Chicago Children’s Choir Alum Ted Hearne Embraces Politics in His Art"

“Because the Choir is such an immersive program, with many rehearsals and tours, it almost started to feel like an activist organization. The mission of integration and diversity, the principles that the choir was founded on in 1956, that mission was playing out in my life. For me, it became fused with the very concept of being a musician and artist. Creating a more just world was why I wanted to be an artist. I think I learned that from the Choir.” – Ted Hearne

Collaborations with Chance the Rapper