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Councils and Task Forces

Alumni Task Force

Former CCC singers and their parents who supports the Choir’s programmatic evolution, creates opportunities for alumni to continue their involvement, and advocates on behalf of the organization.

Marianne Bellorin
Monica Carney*
Sima Cunningham
Madeline Dowling
Christina Hatherly*
Terry Henderson
Cece Hill
Jackie Johnson
Caroline Kagan
Allie Kersten
Alexa Moster
Kala Moynihan*
Katie Nolan
Wylene Patterson
Michael Pope
Daisy Santow
Nikita Sekhar
Courtney Ward
Ayanna Woods

*Board members

Anti-Racism Task Force

This group of board members, family members, alumni, and staff collaborates to enhance the understanding of racism's role within our organization and beyond and to guide the journey from multiculturalism to dismantling structural racism.

*Board Members


Lonnie Norwood
Donielle McCutcheon
Jackie Johnson
Matt Roan
Kelly Fekety
Regina Robinson
Veronica Román-Meyer

Community Council

Our honorary Community Council is composed of individuals who make our work possible and support our ability to have deep relationships within and across our communities.

This group of professionals provide advice and collaborative strategies to navigate the successes and challenges of our work in various areas.


Dr. Susanne Baker
Director, DePaul Community Music School

Jonathan Brooks
Co-Pastor, Lawndale Christian Community Church

Angela T. Ingram
Senior Vice President, Communications, Chicago Region iHeartMedia Markets Group

Abigail Muldoon
UX Researcher, Bold Insight

Josephine Robinson
Retired, World Vision Chicago

Michael Strautmanis
Executive Vice President for Civic Engagement, Obama Foundation

Angela Sedeño, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The Kedzie Center

Tanya Woods
Executive Director, Westside Justice Center

Creative Council

We’re proud to collaborate with local creative leaders who represent the cutting edge of their respective disciplines in the city of Chicago and beyond.


Samantha Saifer Berngard
Co-Founder, Boldface Co.

Angela Brantley
Co-Founder and Creative Director, Hero/Black

Hebru Brantley
Visual Artist

Nick Cave

Rhea Fernandez
Co-Founder and Creative Director, Hero/Black

Welz Kauffman
President and CEO, Ravinia Festival

Thomas Kehoe
Founder & President, Kehoe Designs

Mark Kelly
Retired Commissioner, City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Azeeza Khan
Owner, Azeeza US

Rob Lewis

GQ & JQ Qaiyum
The Q Brothers

Monica Royer
Owner, Monica + Andy

Marie Whitney
Owner, Two Penny Blue

Family Engagement Task Force

The Family Engagement Task Force supports Chicago Children’s Choir’s overall communication and community building efforts with participant families.

This committee provides caregiver perspective on the CCC experience, shares opportunities for family involvement and advocates for CCC programs. This committee is comprised of caregivers whose children are currently enrolled in Choir programs and is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors.

*Board Members


Jeff Steele*
Chair of the Family Engagement Task Force

Trena Burke

Steve Bynum

Shawana Campbell

Jennifer Chung

Jamie Cvengros

Ladonna Freidheim

Anna Gonzalez

Dr. Jacqueline Griesdorn*

Nicole Hall

Julie Herr

Matt Parr*

Renee Salomon

Leah Talmers

Kate Woltzen

Sabrina Wright

School Council

The School Council is a consortium of educators and administrators who help evolve our school programs and communications to ensure successful partnerships and outcomes for students and families.


Antonio Acevedo

Scott Ahlman

Robert Alonzo

Gerardo Arriaga

Crystal Bell

Dr. Natasha Buckner-Pena

Kathleen Finke

Noheli Hernandez

Anjie Lipsett

Dan Moore

Ashaki Reed

Bill Riddle

Dr. Erin Roche

Charles Williams

Dr. Wanda Withers