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Black History Month Concert

Scroll down to watch highlights from the concert.

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Black History Month Concert

Exploring the vast and vivacious culture of the African Diaspora.

Meet us on our Sankofa journey (an Akan Ghanaian word meaning to go or return and retrieve what was lost) as we seek to remember African legacy in America; reclaim the pride, dignity, and joy that was strained by the grip of colonialism; and, reconnect generations to Africans globally.

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Black History Month Playlist

Remember, Reclaim, Reconnect

Relive highlights from our annual Black History Month concert with this playlist of all our singers' performances.


The Jackson Family

As we prepared for our annual Black History Month concert, Choir Alum Santita Jackson and her mother Jacqueline Jackson visited some of our singers to talk about Black history and the role music plays in addressing injustice.

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