Long Way Home

Long Way Home

A Hip-Hop Odyssey for the 21st Century

Long Way Home, Uniting Voices Chicago’s first full-length album since 2018’s Harmony Anew and our first full-length concept album theatrical experience since 2006’s Sita Ram, is a captivating collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Q Brothers, who wrote and directed the show.

Originally staged in 2018 as a theatrical reimagination of Homer’s timeless epic, The Odyssey, this new full-cast recording makes the story of Ody—a young rapper from the struggling neighborhood of Ithaca who wants to share her voice with the world—available to listeners around the globe.

Set in modern day Chicago and incorporating the diverse sounds of the city, Long Way Home is a moving meditation on the power of music and a testament to the power of young people to bridge divisions and transform the world.

Long Way Home was made possible by the Raising Voices Artistic Initiatives Fund, as well as the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, Allstate, and Kehoe Designs.

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Long Way Home (Official Trailer)

This modern day retelling of Homer's ancient classic is a love letter to the City of Broad Shoulders and its wide-ranging influence on the sounds of music around the globe.

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The Story

Ody is a young rapper who wants to share her voice with the world.

Ody and her friends hail from the neighborhood of Ithaca on Chicago’s South Side. One night, on their way to an open mic on the opposite side of town, the crew finds themselves on an unexpected magical El train ride through the city of Chicago.

What starts as just another Friday turns into a wild adventure across Chicago. On their long journey home, they learn about confidence, collaboration, and the power of friendship.

The Cast

  • Chloé Johnson as Odysseus (Ody)
  • Erick Tyson as Taj
  • Sydni Hatley as Kamika
  • JQ as Frankie Chuckles, Vocalo DJ & Homeless Man
  • GQ as Deep Dish & Man on Train
  • Jackson Doran as Principal Jeff, Belushi & Old Man
  • Postell Pringle as Bully/Muddy Cy
  • Melanie McCullough as Penny & Lorraine Hansberry
  • Austin Burgett as Marcus
  • Papacanoochee Holt as Reverend Walter
  • Gretchen Steele as Train Announcer
  • Jill Hopkins as Herself
  • Voice of Chicago 2018
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The Creators

  • Written & Directed by Q Brothers Collective (GQ, JQ, Jax & Pos)
  • Performed by Chicago Children’s Choir (Josephine Lee, President); Q Brothers Collective
  • Composed by Josephine Lee; Q Brothers Collective; Jeffrey Qaiyum; W. Mitchell Owens, III
  • Artwork by Hebru Brantley
  • Animation by Rachel Headlam
Long Way Home Art

Chicago Fire

An incredible medley of the sounds & genres that have made Chicago famous around the world. Chicago Fire is also a feature song of our album Long Way Home.