CCC 5 23 19 by Elliot Mandel 9

Musical Connections

Forge cross-cultural connections while expanding technique with musical experts from around the world.

Basque Amaia Hero

November 6 at 10am

Music from the Basque Country

Dive into the centuries-old musical traditions and pre-Roman influence of Spain's Basque Country in this course featuring multidisciplinary artist Amaia Gabantxo.

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November 12 at 5:30pm and November 13 at 10am

Black History Month Solo Workshop

In this workshop led by CCC Director of Africana Studies Lonnie Norwood, we will explore the foundational influence of Black culture on America's musical legacy and dissect its impact on our everyday lives.

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Flipped Girl Singing
Mollie Stone 530x280

November 18 at 4:30pm

Music of the Republic of Georgia

Explore the regional significance of music coming out of the Republic of Georgia's in this workshop with Mollie Stone, an expert authentic choral music.

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