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Listen to original CCC music and classics.

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Alumni Anthems

A monthly playlist curated by CCC alumni. January 2022 is curated by Michael Selmanoff, '61.

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Faculty Anthem

Everyone needs a theme song—especially music educators.

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Long Way Home

Long Way Home is a modern day retelling of Homer's ancient classic is a love letter to the City of Broad Shoulders and its wide-ranging influence on the sounds of music around the globe.

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Harmony Anew

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We All Live Here

We All Live Here is an art project started in Chicago as a response to the city’s violent reputation, using art, community, and technology to remind everyone to help each other succeed while collaborating with artists and groups to spread this positive message.

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Holiday Harmony

Performed by the internationally-acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning Concert Choir, Holiday Harmony's selections feature Christmas, Chanukah and seasonal music in the range of genres for which the Choir is renowned.

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Songs on the Road to Freedom

Songs on the Road to Freedom was created for CCC's 50th anniversary and honors the Civil Rights Movement.

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Sita Ram

Sita Ram was insipired by the 24,000 verse, 2,000 year old Sanskrit Ramayana of Sage Valmiki, and the 16th century Old Hindi Ramcaritmanasa of Tulsidas.

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Open Up Your Heart

Open Up Your Heart includes South African folk songs, and songs from Macedonia and Bulgaria.

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